I suck at blogging. so.

Ok, I am clearly not so great at this blogging thing in the midst of my hectic life, but I promise I will work on that. A lot has gone on in a year in Pineappleland. First and foremost Playa Bowls has gone from 10 stores to 32. How is that possible you ask? We have finally put together an amazing team of people that have dedicated their everyday to helping this company grow. Rapidly. We have had some bumps along the way, I mean we have only been a company for four short years. Side note, I also got a mortgage this year. Yup. I bought a house. All by myself, in my name and I have no idea how I did that but I did and I am still not over it (wow). Anyways back to PLAYA.... I think the most amazing part of this all is watching my team grow. We have had employees put their degrees on hold and join Pineappleland because they believe in this company and want to grow with us. They come to work everyday in a Playa Bowls hoodie and vans and rock this shit! (this is the culture we have created. It's a vans wearing lifestyle that cannot be taught) That has always been a weird feeling for me. These people trust in my vision and company so much that they are willing to put what they actually went to school for aside and rally this business. Thats so fucking cool. We now have a vice president of sales, a general manager and opening store team of bad asses oh and about 17 franchised locations. Franchises. Ugh I hate that word. I never wanted to franchise it felt like I was selling out and letting go of my baby that I slaved to build. I was leaving my brand in the hands of a stranger. Would they understand it? Are they cool? Do they fit the Playa lifestyle? After we opened our first franchise store I realized that people felt as passionate about this company as I do and were willing to invest in not only Playa Bowls as a company, but in me. I never would have thought this day would come. I was too cool to franchise. But apparently not. I began researching franchising and realized it would benefit this company and allow us to grow as quickly as I wanted. If I wanted to be the first to market in all of these amazing locations, I could'nt do it alone. By the way, we don't call franchisees franchisees. We call them partners. They are hand selected from about 100 emails a week we receive asking for a location. Theses people are all special and stood out among the masses.

Another side note, I also got a new puppy. A farting, snoring Boston terrier named Pina of course. She breaks all cuteness records on the regular and is my literal baby. Anyways......

Here in Pineappleland we are one big family. We have a group chat with all the partners from all the locations in and out of state and are able to constantly discuss issues and bounce off ideas (it is so aggressive but so necessary). It's a lot of personalities and sometimes I get frustrated because I feel like maybe they don't understand what has gone into this and what i have given up to get here, but I know these people believe in me and I will not let them down. We recently had a meeting with everyone who has franchised a location. Each store stood up and told their story and what Playa Bowls means to them. Going around the room and listening to everyone explain how they got here was one of the most humbling experiences of my life. Men and Woman, strangers, and some friends have all turned into family.


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