This is my Nana. My brother and I are her only grandchildren so she has always been a huge influence and part of my life. Growing up my family lived in a carriage house connected by a court yard to Nana and Pop-pop (my fathers parents) in Elberon NJ. We would run across the courtyard and at any given time knowing that Nana would pretend to be Shredder from Ninja Turtles or Pop pop would give me a quick art lesson. He was always my main inspiration as an artist. He was super old school and talented and I always thought he was the definition of cool. He would wear jeans in a heat wave while drinking a hot cup of coffee and not give a crap. Nana was always put together. Her outfits were on point, her makeup was full faced and glamourous at any given hour of the day. They spent so much time with us and my brother and I grew up learning a lot from them. My father and grandfather started their own plumbing company Taylor Plumbing Service when I was really young and my mother has worked as a retail manager in a lot of really cool stores. They worked so hard to provide for my brother and I as blue collar middle class people. I appreciate it more than they know. Taylor Plumbing eventually took off and my father still runs it to this day on his own. Everyday my grandfather would drive in his pickup truck from Shark River Hills to our house in Ocean to get on the work truck with my dad and start their day. They would end the day around 5:30 and my Pop-pop would always come inside and shoot the shit with me. One day my junior year in high school, the duo came back from work. My Pop came into the kitchen of my parents house and asked me about my day like he had done a million times before. He headed home to my Nana and their yellow lab Holly as he did every other day. But this time he would never return again. He had an anierism and died within seconds. We were all heartbroken at his sudden death and felt like he had been taken too early from us. But he went out in style. Painlessly and looking healthy which is what he had always wanted. Years passed as we mourned but we all stuck together and got through it. My Nana actually got a boyfriend. Ray. He is so caring and fond of her, we accepted him right into our family. They have been together for years and I was so excited Nana had someone to spend her days with. Years have passed and now things with Nana are kind of going South. She is 82 and losing her memory. She was just diagnosed with cancer last week and about two days later fell and broke her wrist. I decided to take Robs chocolate lab Dolce to cheer her up. I didn't call to tell her we were coming because I knew she would change into a respectable outfit and put on a full face of makeup with her signature pink lip liner. I snuck Dolce onto the elevator and knocked on her door. Ray answered and Dolce happily scurried in and my Nana was so happy. She forgot about her broken wrist, her head ache, her ailments and just focused on me and Dolce. It felt good to take away her pain, if only for a short period of time. It is important to take time for the people in your life even in the busiest of times. I love Nana.

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